Efficient Ways to Learn the Tarot

My interest in the tarot started early. Finally at fourteen I had my own deck. Learning the cards didn’t come as easy as it took to attain them; I had to experiment with various ways to ingrain the meanings into my memory. Though many of the cards do speak out for themselves, others aren’t so straightforward. Each card holds various interpretations that bend and flex depending on the reading. Once you understand the basics, memorizing the remaining possible definitions come more smoothly. Just like all things in life it does take some trial and error. For those of you learning or thinking of pursuing some knowledge on the cards, I compiled a brief list of what worked for me. Of course one on one tarot lessons are recommended (which I do provide) but if you’re limited on funds or enjoy the pursuit of studies as I did then I hope this post serves you well!

There are countless deck options available. Choose what suits you but for new readers I am a fan of the first deck I learned from, finding the illustrations to be the most literal. The Ryder-Waite deck is a classic. Think of the characters as actors playing out the message.

Keeping a tarot journal is a necessity. Dedicate a card a day beginning with The Fool. The Fool is card zero in the major arcana and the following cards represent his journey towards enlightenment. There is a pattern and storyline within the order of the cards.

If you’re familiar with numerology, the minor arcana truly echoes each numbers meaning and aids in memorization.

Drawing the cards as well helped me engrave each card into my mind. Each color represents a feeling; if there’s water in the cards, the way the water appears holds significance. There is a multitude of symbols that can be easily looked over but when drawing them, each detail comes into view. Notice the animals, the clothing prints, the backgrounds and objects. Everything placed in the illustration implies value. For example, in The High Priestess card, the columns to her left and right are symbolic of Solomon’s temple.

Trust your intuition and self. Meditate on the cards. Practice on yourself. Write the keywords down in your notebook and don’t be ashamed to look to it if practicing on others. If you’re dedicated it will stick. Keep on going!

If you’d like to book a tarot lesson (or lessons), teaching tarot is my favorite thing next to reading tarot. I offer thirty minute courses for $35 and hour long lessons for $50.

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By Christie in the Sky

Oracle Orator. Symbology Seer. Empath. Intuit. Channeler. Astrological Analyst. Metaphysical Mentor. Reiki Practitioner. Hand Reader. Artist. Lover of Life.

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