Healing the Root Chakra

The root chakra, also known as the earth chakra, connects us to feeling grounded, centered, safe and at ease in our body and world. It also relates to our survival instincts. When unbalanced we may become easily angered, feel alienated from ourselves and others and have depleted energy. It is the energy center at the base of the spine. When healthy, we feel secure, stable, full of health, energy and vitality. In this post you’ll find a few ways to heal and nurture the root chakra.

Taking Care of the Root/Earth Chakra

Meditation is a healthy way to heal any aspect of life. You can visualize a red lotus at the base of your spine unfolding. The chakras look like vortexes that mirror both our front and back. Visualizing this wheel working in a clockwork direction can aid in opening a blocked root. Open the flower or wheel with every inhale until you feel your body is highly charged. The mantra/sound to chant for the root is “LAM,” in the key of C at a frequency of 256 Hz (try checking out binaural beats and isochronic tones on YouTube with headphones). In nature, the sound of thunder can aid in our root’s health. Hand positions known as Chakra Mudras are also useful. Especially during meditation and chanting. For the root, let the tips of your thumb and index finger touch while you focus on the root chakra’s location. Since the element for the root chakra is earth, simply being outdoors and experiencing the sounds of nature can help. Be barefoot on the earth for at least fifteen minutes. Sit in the grass, under a tree and visualize your body taking root to the center of the earth.

Functions of the Root

  • Health, feeling safe and at ease in the body. Stamina and strength to fulfill your life purpose.
  • Home, environment, safety. Living in peace rather than fear. Feeling connected to a group, community, cause or heritage. A right to be here.
  • Survival needs.
  • Grounded/rooted in existence.
  • Trust in the process of life and our soul’s unfolding journey.
  • Stability/centering.
  • Supported in both material and nonmaterial ways.

Nutrition is always key to spiritual, mental and physical health. Eat high protein foods, red fruits and vegetables, root foods and edible mushrooms like shitake or button to aid the root’s health.

Crystal therapy can also be applied. Simply carry the crystal with you or lay the crystal directly on the root while meditating. Try hematite, bloodstone, garnet, ruby, jasper, red jasper, carnelian and smokey-quartz.

I also offer tarot readings on the status of any of the chakras. You can book with me for any chakra or a summary reading of all of the chakras.

By Christie in the Sky

Oracle Orator. Symbology Seer. Empath. Intuit. Channeler. Astrological Analyst. Metaphysical Mentor. Reiki Practitioner. Hand Reader. Artist. Lover of Life.


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