Moon States: Full Moon in Sagittarius

The moon has travelled into the realm of Sagittarius and will remain there for tomorrow (June 5th’s) full Strawberry Moon. Sagittarius is the bold adventurer and far-seeing archer of the zodiac. A full moon in Sagittarius asks us to seek out the fastest route toward our desires. Author Najah Lightfood says, “Sagittarius aim their arrows and hit their marks,” when the full moon appears in this sign it gives a boost to anything you’re targeting or goals you’re trying to reach.

Likely, this full moon will be a high energy period. We might feel the need to work harder and chase our passions with risks we might not normally embark on. Depending on your personality and signs in your personal natal chart it could be a blessing or disaster. As much as the Sagittarius full moon promotes progressive thinking and exact execution, it can prompt us to act recklessly. Anyone with Sagittarius in their Sun Sign and especially Moon Sign will be affected more but will have an easier time handling it since it already comes natural to their outward and emotional selves. Sagittarius energy is quick, sometimes rash and unpredictable. Use this Moon energy to get ahead as long as it doesn’t affect other people. Full moons symbolize a time for achievement and completion so whatever it is you have been striving toward, center in and focus on that goal and take those leaps and bounds without fear. As long as you aren’t hurting yourself or anybody else. Practice patience. If a project isn’t ready do not force it. Focus on what you can realistically accomplish without losing control.

The Strawberry full moon is a time of wonder (as wild strawberries are coming into harvest time). People are encouraged to take care of themselves, seek beauty in surroundings and make positive life changes. If something is making you feel stuck this energy should be used to fix that. This moon arrives with new beginnings and personal progress.


By Christie in the Sky

Oracle Orator. Symbology Seer. Empath. Intuit. Channeler. Astrological Analyst. Metaphysical Mentor. Reiki Practitioner. Hand Reader. Artist. Lover of Life.

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