Tarot Card Tips & Tricks

Unique Ways to Read the Tarot

After Shuffling the Cards…

  • If a situation isn’t going in your favor, flip through your deck until you come across the Wheel of Fortune card. The two cards on either side of it represent the solution to the problem.
  • If you want to bring in money, pull the first, fifth, tenth, twentieth and fiftieth cards in your deck. These cards will tell you how to bring in money.
  • To find the root of a romantic conflict, find the Lovers card in your deck. The cards on either side of it are the conflicts surrounding the relationship.
  • To find how to release a sadness, locate the Moon and Sun cards in the deck. The cards in between them are the number of steps you must take to move forward.
  • To look into your future, find your nearest birth card. The first card beneath it symbolizes what is soon approaching. Calculate your birth cards here.

Where the Cards are Facing

Assessing the Character and Court Cards…

Take note to the direction the characters in the cards are facing, especially court cards. Note who or what they are looking toward. If facing left, it could point to the more passive, reserved and self focused energies. Facing right means active, social and focused on external matters.

Another Way to Look at the Suits

Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles…

Cups are ups. They’re our ups in life. Take the Five of Cups for example. It is swiping away the false and negative to make way for real love.

Wands are wants. What you want, how to protect interests. Swords are words and thoughts which create your reality. Your words are a power and to be used with wisdom. Pentacles are can be thought of as your lendables: money, possessions, security.


New and Old, Take Them or Leave them…

  • How you keep your cards when not in use can be a sacred ritual in itself. It’s been recommended to keep them in a wooden box (more specifically, a pine box). Some also keep their cards wrapped in silk or cotton.
  • Sleeping with your deck under your pillow can help bond you and the energy of the deck. This tactic is best used on personal decks.
  • There are contradictory beliefs on who should or shouldn’t touch your cards. Cards can always be cleansed, as you’ll read in the next section. Some believe only the reader should touch and shuffle the cards while others feel the querent should do the initial shuffling. It makes sense to keep your personal deck private and allowing the querent to shuffle, quickly meditate over or cut your deck for readings. Having the querent pursue some contact with the cards can propel their energy into the reading which naturally personalizes and connects them to the outcome. When reading for others you should still cleanse cards between querents.
  • Using something special to lay the cards out on like a specific cloth or pine board.
  • I’ve heard (though haven’t intentionally practiced, myself) facing East while reading. Regardless, you should always face your querent (as opposed to have them seated next to you, etc.)
  • Light a candle, incense, burn essential oils or smudge before a reading.
  • Everyone has their own shuffling method. Some are more popularly used than others. Shuffle the deck and cut it once, three times to the right. Some say use your left hand to cut the deck and the right hand to pile them back up. No matter what your method is, it can be repeated until the cards feel charged.
  • They say your first deck should be gifted or stolen. I’m not promoting stealing here and believe this to be an outdated tradition as we can manifest and learn anything we set ourselves out to do. There is something special about gifting a first set of cards to someone, though. It’s said that lost cards need a new owner so perhaps next time you come across a deck that’s been missing, think about giving them away to someone who would or could use them.
  • When finished reading and placing your deck away, purposely choose which card to lay at the bottom of the deck, choose depending on hopes, dreams, a goal, etc.

Cleansing Tarot Cards

Suggested Simple Methods…

  • Moonlight: Soak your cards overnight on a window sill where the light of the moon hits. The new and full moon are best for recharging. The moon has feminine, intuitive and creative energy.
  • Sunlight: Place your cards outside directly in the sun. Sun charging only requires a few hours (six is sufficient) and you don’t have to consider the phases (as with the moon). The sun has masculine, logical and clarity filled energy.
  • Crystals: Crystal charge your cards by placing the crystal of your choice on top. Amethyst, quartz and rose quartz work best but you can use a favorite crystal as well. Quartz specifically absorbs energy. Try keeping a crystal with your deck at all times.
  • Visualization: Hold the cards in a meditative mind and picture white light ridding the negative energies and leaving behind power and light. Breathe into the deck asking for guidance, truth, love and light. You can hold the cards to your heart for five beats.
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