Using Essential Oils

Before using any essential oil do a small test (if for skin) and always water it down. There are endless ways to use them from making your own perfume, conjuring sprays, dabbing them on chakras for healing, roll-on’s with intentions such as “eliminate anxiety” and much more. Here is just a quick list of some other simple ideas.

  • To fragrance your bathroom and combat bacteria and fungus (depending on the oil) add a few drops of your favorite scent inside your toilet paper roll which acts as a natural diffuser.
  • Add a few drops to clothespins and fix them onto vents whether it’s in your car, AC, heating vents, etc.
  • Add a few drops to tiny bits of tissue or napkin and vacuum them up (TINY PIECES).
  • Add a few drops of lavender to your rinse cycle while doing wash.
  • Add a drop or two to a cotton ball and use as an inhalant. Lavender and vetiver are great for stress, minty scents give the brain a focus boost, etc.
  • Add one or two drops to burning charcoal which acts like an incense.
  • Make your own cleaner by mixing 20 drops into 12 ounces of warm water. Add ½ squeezed lemon and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar.
  • Add 9 to 10 drops in a bath.
  • For massage oil, mix 4 to 5 drops with two tablespoons of carrier oil such as almond oil, jojoba oil or coconut oil.
  • Add 10-15 drops in an aromatic diffuser.
  • Add 20 drops to 4 ounces of warm water and place in a spray bottle for a room freshener. Shake well.
  • Add a few drops to a humidifier.
  • For spiritual practices, blend 4-5 drops with either almond oil or olive oil. Anoint your favorite talismans, sacred objects or colored candles.
  • Rub some on your wrists and temples during meditation and prayer.
  • Dab some on a cotton ball and keep it in your wallet or pocket.
  • Dab some on your jewelry or simply rub some on your body.
  • Dab a few drops on a vision board or altar.
  • You can even dab some on your business cards, important documents or on anything that has significant meaning for you.

You can even use the Room Freshener technique to change the energy in your home, dispel negativity and to create a more spiritual environment.

By Christie in the Sky

Oracle Orator. Symbology Seer. Empath. Intuit. Channeler. Astrological Analyst. Metaphysical Mentor. Reiki Practitioner. Hand Reader. Artist. Lover of Life.

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