The Connection Between Chakras and the Body

Reiki healing acknowledges the chakra zones which are funnel shaped spinning energy vortexes of energy. This energy interacts with the outside world. Though we have many, there are a prominent seven most important to our well-being. Like all things, out chakras are tied not only to our spiritual health but our physical health. Something that…… Continue reading The Connection Between Chakras and the Body

Natural Remedies for Allergies

Besides shutting out the breeze or buying a netipot, there are other natural ways to combat seasonal allergies. Let me list thy ways! Quercetin: This natural chemical is said to act like an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory. Histamine in the body causes the symptoms related to allergies. Quercetin can be found in tea, red wines, onions…… Continue reading Natural Remedies for Allergies