The hand tells the story of each person. It is an immediate extension of the brain’s inner workings. It can predict our health and character which can open up arenas like career options, our motivations, and balance.

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I created a free online video series of palmistry courses, “These Hands,” which tackled the science behind hand reading. Online information is typically inconsistent so I broke down each element into live lessons which can be found on Inner Eye’s Facebook page.

Palmistry, ebook

An accompanying guide was later condensed into an ebook to read at your own pace without all of the comments and excess banter. It exists to lead the reader into the interpretation of their own hands and to gain a deeper understanding into palmistry in general. I recommend a notebook to keep track. Every hand is different and combinations are endless. Record your findings and at the end fasten them together.

In person palmistry readings can be scheduled by emailing

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