The tarot is a mystery to many; to others, it is a means of therapeutic catharsis. Tarot is an instrument used for the purpose of attaining clarity. Sometimes it is validating and reassuring, it can offer a new way of looking at something, it can open up unrealized prospects, uncover hidden factors, aid in decision making, as well as identify burdens and challenges. Readings are never to be “feared,” advice is always administered to get through or around anything unpleasant that may surface. Generally, a specific question is asked in order to gain insight and to discover the answers to whatever it may be that often pervades the mind. It is not a definitive narrator of the future nor do the cards seal anything to fate. It provides a layout of probabilities and possibilities. Future is not written and can always be changed; the cards assist in opening our eyes to what we need to see or let go of.

A tarot reading can be healing and therapeutic. It allows you to take yourself out of the problem at hand and view it from an aerial perspective. The illustrated cards fold out like a story in combination with the reader’s intuitive interpretation. If all things are connected, the cards chosen hold reason and therefore do become a “divine” tool.

Readings are available in person, via e-mail, phone, and FaceTime.

$25 – Basic Reading [Less cards, takes about 10-15 minutes, can always extend into a full reading].

$30 – Emailed Reading [Full reading but typed out].

$50 – Full Reading [Uses a detailed spread of 11 cards or more and takes about30-45 minutes].

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